Sharing the spirit of
Saga with the World

SAGA COLLECTIVE is a group of artisanal producers who are building upon the region’s history, innovating for the future while preserving its culture and traditions.

Human connections and the spirit of craftsmanship form the cornerstone of the SAGA COLLECTIVE’s philosophy: Creating products that make everyday life a little more beautiful.

To meet the expectation of both domestic and overseas audiences, these selected artisan producers proudly roll out a brand from Saga to the world.

Located in northwestern Kyushu, southwest of Japan’s main island, Saga Prefecture is blessed with natural beauty, from the 1000-meter peaks that form the Sefuri mountain range to the pastoral field along the Chikugo River and extensive tidal flats in the Ariake Sea.

Saga is best known for the towns of Arita and Imari, the birthplace of Japanese porcelain. A wealth of resources from its dense forests, clear mountain streams, and verdant terraced fields has given rise to the development of Saga’s abundant culture and reputation for craftsmanship.  The area boasts an 800-year history of green tea cultivation, as well as culinary delights such as Saga beef, citrus fruits, and award-winning sake.

Saga’s long history includes leaders such as former Prime Minister Shigenobu Okuma, one of the “Seven Sages of Saga”, who played an instrumental role in the Meiji Restoration. SAGA COLLECTIVE will disseminate the positive experience of this land of attractiveness to the world.

The word “COLLECTIVE” stands for “get together”, which represents a brand in which local artisan skills and premium products go hand-in-hand.  It also places members’ wish to deliver their positive experiences to the world as one team.

Its logo mark was designed basted on the motif of ripples that evokes images of Saga’s abundant nature such as winds and waves, mountains and hills.

As for its color of the logo, we picked up “Ai”, or traditional “Japanese indigo” that describes the reflection of Ariake Sea. The color also expresses the attitude of members of the team toward quality handcrafted products.

*  SAGA COLLECTIVE’s logo has been filed the application for trademark registration.

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