Tenzan Sake Brewery

Sake Tenzan Sake Brewery
Situated along the Gion River, between Mt. Tenzan and the Saga plains, Tenzan Sake Brewery has been making sake since 1875.

Now led by sixth-generation president and master brewer Kensuke Shichida, the company is now recognized both domestically and internationally for its award-winning Tenzan and Shichida lines of sake.

Throughout the years, brewery has undergone a series of major changes and proudly displays its history in the architecture. The brewery and warehouses include buildings that date from the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa eras, while historic artifacts, such as wooden brewing barrels and antique sake-making tools, are safely kept in storage. The company is continuing to develop and expand, gradually increasing production and utilizing state-of-the art equipment to ensure freshness of flavor.

The brewery has been dedicated to the development of local rice cultivation since 1959, establishing the Tenzan Brewer’s Rice Study to help growers improve the quality of the rice. Tenzan’s sake is made with 90% rice grown in Saga Prefecture, and the uniqueness of different rice strains is showcased in the Shichida line of brews. Each sake exhibits full flavor, a fine balance of umami and acidity, and a crisp, dry finish that comes from the semi-hard water used in brewing. Kensuke Shichida is fostering the next generation of sake brewers by encouraging experimentation with different brewing techniques and the development of new products, such as an elegant sparkling sake and styles aimed at younger consumers. Tenzan Sake Brewery engages the local community with yearly public festivals. In early summer, visitors can witness a spectacular display of fireflies that flourish around the Gion River in front of the brewery.

Tenzan Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Iwakura 1520, Ogi-machi, Ogi-shi, Saga,
845-0003, JAPAN