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Risogama Porcelain celebrates the art of conviviality, crafting exquisite tableware that explores the relationship between food and ceramics.

Located in Arita, the birthplace of Saga Prefecture’s renowned porcelain-making industry, Risogama has been specializing in pottery for top restaurants in Japan for more than 60 years. In recent times, the company has expanded its reach to global markets, with custom-made porcelain used at acclaimed restaurants around the world.

Risogama traces its roots back to the late Meiji period and takes its name from Yi Sam-pyeong, the legendary Korean-born potter who is credited as the father of Arita porcelain. From its earliest days, the atelier has been known for beautifully crafted blue-and-white sometsuke ceramics, hand-painted vessels made with a traditional underglaze technique originating in 13th-century China. Fourth-generation president Shinji Terauchi became enchanted with the style after discovering antique shards that had retained their color and detail even after hundreds of years. The experience informed his philosophy of timeless beauty and inspired him to develop new techniques and designs based on the sometsuke style.

Constantly seeking new ways to incorporate traditional Japanese pottery into contemporary life, Terauchi has collaborated with Michelin-starred chefs such as Andoni Aduriz, of Mugaritz in Spain, and Yoji Tokuyoshi, of Ristorante Tokuyoshi in Italy, to produce original porcelain pieces. Risogama’s approach, which utilizes cutting-edge digital technology to construct new forms, respects tradition but is not bound by it. Technology, as Terauchi notes, is merely a tool; the key to successful design lies in the experience gained from years of working as an artisan. The Arita showroom exhibits the breadth of the company’s creations – from their signature handcrafted sometsuke vessels to modern designs of astonishing inventiveness.

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Shirakawa 1-4-20, Arita-cho,
Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga, 844-0007, JAPAN