Onohara Seicha

Japanese Tea Onohara Seicha
Established in 1947 by Hidenobu Onohara in the town of Ureshino, Onohara Seicha sources premium tea leaves from Saga Prefecture’s best producers and processes them with care to bring out the true character of each batch.

Third-generation president Eishin Onohara has continued to develop close relationships with the region’s farmers, visiting tea plantations at various stages of cultivation to ensure the best quality. The teas are processed on site, right above the charming tea shop, where the soft-spoken ladies behind the counter recount childhood stories of playing games in the tea fields.

Building on the area’s nearly 600 years of tea history, Onohara Seicha specializes in roasted kamairicha and steamed tamaryokucha, two varieties of coiled green tea distinguished by their unique comma-shaped appearance. In the past, roasted kamairicha was representative of the Ureshino area but has declined in popularity in recent years, along with the number of producers focusing on this style of tea. Onohara is trying to revive the tradition by working closely with growers and selecting tea leaves with exceptional sweetness for Onohara Seicha’s kamairicha. The same attention goes into making Onohara Seicha’s steamed tamaryokucha.

Their award-winning kamairicha and tamaryokucha are excellent examples of both styles. Light gold in color, the kamairicha exhibits an enticing roasted aroma, elegant umami, and subtle sweetness. The tamaryokucha is a vivid shade of green, with vegetal and marine notes on the nose and freshness on the palate. The company seeks to share the beauty of Saga’s tea culture with the next generation, and Onohara’s warmth and enthusiasm can be felt in every cup.

Onohara Seichatonya Co., Ltd.

Shimojuku Hei 2295-6, Ureshino-machi,
Ureshino-shi, Saga, 843-0301, JAPAN