Yuzu Citrus Products Mifukuan
As you walk through the doors of the stately Mifukuan production facility in Saga City, you are greeted by the sweet perfume of yuzu citrus.

The company began making kasuzuke, a traditional dish made by marinating the abundant seafood from the Ariake Bar in sake lees, in 1918, and started producing yuzu kosho – a spicy chili paste made with yuzu that is representative of the Kyushu region – more than 50 years ago.

Although Saga Prefecture is best known as Japan’s largest producer of mikan mandarin oranges, Mifukuan’s founders, the Kawahara family, saw the potential in cultivating yuzu citrus as a higher-value crop that could ultimately benefit the entire community. They were pioneers of organic farming in the area and have been growing yuzu without the use of pesticides or chemicals in the Mifukuan orchards since 1969. The chilies used for Mifukuan’s line of premium Yuzukoshow are also organically grown, and the sea salt used comes from an artisanal local producer. The Yuzikoshow products have gained a following among top chefs in Japan and also overseas.

Mifukuan makes three kinds of Yuzukoshow chili paste. The vibrant green chili-based variety made with green yuzu is fresh and piquant, perfect dabbed on grilled wagyu steak. The fiery red variety made with yellow yuzu and red chili pairs with warm dishes such as oden or nabe hotpots. The aromatic yellow variety, made with a higher ratio of yuzu zest, is marvelous as an accent for carpaccio or whipped into avocado dip. Each is also available in powder form, making the condiment easy to use in a wide variety of dishes. Mifukuan’s pure yuzu juice, carefully processed to remove any trace of bitterness, works marvelously in dressings and adds a zesty kick to smoothies. In keeping with the company’s commitment to quality, all products are delivered via cold cargo transport.

Kawahara Foods Co., Ltd.

Nanri 710-1,Kawasoe-machi, Saga-shi,
Saga, 820-2205, JAPAN