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Soy Sauce and Miso Maruhide Shoyu
Founded in 1901, Maruhide Shoyu is the only producer in Saga prefecture to carry on the tradition of brewing soy sauce naturally.

Maruhide’s flagship Shizen Ichi Shoyu is made with nutrient-packed marudaizu whole soybeans, local wheat, natural sea salt, and natural yeast.

Only whole soybeans are used. Most soy sauce is made with defatted beans, which are cheaper and easier to use, but whole beans result in fuller body and higher levels of sweetness. Whole wheat berries are roasted and ground on site. The vast majority of soy sauce in Japan is made with commercial yeast, and some industrially produced varieties are chemically synthesized from a mixture of hydrolyzed soy protein and flavorings, but Maruhide Shoyu uses time-tested brewing methods that rely on the intuition of the brewer. The fermentation mash is mixed by hand and allowed to mature for two years, developing the deep and mellow, umami-rich flavor that characterizes Shizen Ichi Shoyu. When ready, the mash is poured into cloth sacks and then gently pressed.

The freshly pressed raw soy sauce has a fruity, almost wine-like character and is available in limited quantities once a year at the brewery’s kura-biraki celebration in October. The pasteurized Shizen Ichi Shoyu is deep brown in color with a complex, balanced flavor and notes of sweetness and caramelization. In addition to traditional soy sauce, Maruhide produces varieties of miso and is innovating with new products such as gluten-free soy sauce and miso made from quinoa. To develop the quinoa-based miso and soy sauce, sixth-generation president Kensuke Hideshima applied the knowledge gained from producing Maruhide’s Jukkoku Miso, a satisfyingly textured miso made with ancient grains.

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