Wooden Furniture Legnatec
Located in in the town of Morodomicho, an area famous for furniture manufacturing,
Legnatec is dedicated to crafting beautifully designed wooden
furniture meant to last a lifetime.

The company’s name – a fusion of legna, the Italian word for wood, and technology – reflects its mission of enhancing people’s lives through design that embraces technological innovations while preserving the tradition of craftsmanship. Second-generation president Takehiro Kabashima’s vision encompasses a deep reverence for nature as well as a progressive, global approach.

Legnatec’s original Classe line of modern-classic furniture is marked by simplicity and functional beauty. The Ariake brand is a unique collaboration involving 10 designers from seven countries who worked closely with Legnatec’s craftsmen to develop a new style of furniture inspired by the local culture of Saga Prefecture and incorporating international sensibilities. The Root collection aims to bring working people closer to nature through the Root collection of office furniture, made with hinoki Japanese cypress wood from Saga Prefecture. Legnatec’s designs highlight the natural beauty of the wood, and the company takes care to select the best quality materials.

Ecology, safety, and community are top priorities. Legnatec uses eco-friendly finishes made from natural products. The company sources lumber from producers who practice sustainable forest management and strives to reduce waste, recycling and repurposing wooden materials to the greatest extent possible. Scrap pieces are utilized as design elements, or carved into wooden utensils, toys, and decorative objects that add a touch of warmth to the home. Inside the factory, sawdust is removed through a special ventilation system, collected and sent to a nearby cattle ranch. Every day at lunchtime, the 34 team members that make up the Legnatec staff dine together at the communal table in front of the show room.

Legnatec Co., Ltd.

Yamaryo 266-1, Morodomi-cho, Saga-shi,
Saga, 840-2106, JAPAN