Inoue Seimen

Kanzaki Somen Noodles Inoue Seimen
Founded in 1873 in Kanzaki City, Inoue Seimen combines traditional know-how with modern technology to produce artisanal somen and udon noodles.

Located just beside the factory with scenic views of the river, the company’s restaurant, Hyakunen-an, serves a selection of local dishes featuring the region’s famous Kanzaki somen – thin wheat noodles with a history dating back more than 380 years.

Inoue Seimen uses a blend of organic flours cropped in Saga to create noodles with a firm yet pliant consistency. Water for the dough is sourced 100 meters below ground and then charged with health-promoting negative ions in a special purifier. The finished noodles are allowed to rest before shipping in order to develop a subtle, mellow flavor. Accredited with JAS organic certification as well as HACCP certification, Inoue Seimen is committed to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Fifth-generation president Yoshihiro Inoue is passionate about health and wellbeing. After comparing analyses of the nutritional content of several heirloom plants in Japan, he developed the “Kodai-men” series of somen noodles enriched with ancient herbs and grains: kumazasa (a variety of Japanese bamboo known for its detoxification properties), as well as red and purple rice (two ancient grains noted for their health benefits). The company also produces the versatile low-carb noodles that can be used in a variety of preparations – served in soup as ramen, stir-fried with vegetables, or as a substitute for pasta in Western-style dishes.

Inoue Seimen, Ltd.

iwaku 1779, Kanzaki-machi, Kanzaki-shi,
Saga, 842-0123, JAPAN